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Silver Smithing 6wk Course £75 (£12.50 per wk or option to pay as you go at £15 per week)

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Beginner's Workshop: Held on Tuesday afternoons 12.00pm - 2.30pm or Evening workshop: Held on Tuesday evening 6.30pm - 9.00pm. Suitable for those who are new to silver smithing or those wanting to refresh their basic skills.

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Advanced Classes: Held on Wednesday evenings 6.30pm - 9.00pm Suitable for people who have completed the beginners course, who are now ready to move on to more advance techniques.

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Wirework 6 week course £75 dates available for 2018

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Beginner's classes held on Tuesdays 12.00pm - 2.30pm Suitable for beginners or those want to refresh their basic skills.

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Further Information:

Silver Smithing Courses

Beginner's Class: On our beginners course, taught by Delia Hamer, we will teach you the basics of using precious metals, namely Silver, Copper and Gold to make jewellery. Techniques you will learn include; sawing, basic soldering, filing, sanding, polishing, forging and doming. The courses run on Tuesday afternoon and also Tuesday evening, in six week blocks (or seven weeks with a week break in the middle) and you can expect to make several items during this time, depending on the complexity of your designs. Usually students continue in this class for up to 12 wks before they progress on to more advanced techniques.

Advanced Class:  Students start to learn advanced techniques at 12 to 18 wks depending on skill level achieved. On our advanced course taught by Delia Hamer, you will learn some of the more complex techniques such as anticlastic raising, reticulation, stone setting, hot and cold connections, e.g. riveting and additional methods of soldering. The courses run on Wednesday evenings in six week blocks. As new people join they are taught the new techniques and existing students can watch demonstrations again if they wish.


On our beginners course taught by Delia you we will teach you the basics of working with silver wire, beading wires. You will learn the basics how to turn a loop, make an ear wire, make links, simple knots, basic findings. Each week we aim to make a piece of jewellery to take away but some techniques are harder to master! The courses run in six week blocks on Tuesday afternoons and are taught by Delia. The more advanced techniques include, chain making and knitting with wire, which you would usually move on to after completing the first 6 wk basics course .

What we provide:

Tools and equipment
Tea and coffee making facilities (very important!)

What do you need to bring with you?
An apron
Money for buying materials, varies depending on what you make.
Wear old warm clothes and sturdy shoes, it's a workshop!
Long hair must be tied back
No scarves, long necklaces, bangles should be worn in the class for safety reasons

What you will learn?

You will learn all the techniques required to design and make your own beautiful pieces of jewellery, whether you like smooth and shiny or rustic jewellery we can teach you how to achieve the finish and texture you want.


Any new topics and techniques are taught by class demonstrations.  As a group, there will always be opportunities for our students to ask questions at various stages in the process, and to see the piece at the various stages of development.  After demonstrations are over, students have the opportunity to discuss their own personal designs with the tutor, so they can move forward with their piece.

If you feel group classes are not what you're looking for please get in touch, we can offer one to one tuition at a reduced rate of £25 per hour.

Health and Safety

Advice will be given at the start of each course and all the posters pointed out. Please follow these at all times.


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