5 Day Courses only £345

2 or 3 Day Courses from £150

1 Day Courses from £35

Weekly Classes from £75 (for 6 wks)


Come and join one of our Jewellery Making Courses, learn a new hobby, make new friends and unleash your creativity. It’s great fun!

We offer one day courses  Make a ring or bangle, Make a pendant, Introduction to Silver Clay, Beading, & Wirework.

We offer a five day course an introduction to silver smithing, this is an intensive course where you will learn all the basic techniques required to make beautiful jewellery. We also offer a shortened three day introductory course.

Weekly we offer afternoon and evening classes  in Silver Smithing or Wirework.

You will learn how to make: silver rings; silver bracelets; silver bangles; silver pendants, silver cuff links and silver ear rings using: sterling silver sheet, sterling silver wire, Swarovski crystals, silver clay and a wide range of beads all available at the school.


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