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Silver Clay Classes

Silver Clay is very similar to potters clay, it can be sculptured into many forms and shapes, but once fired when all the water and binder is removed you are left with 0.999 fine silver, it's unbelievable until you see it.

On the 17th March I was joined by Ann-Marie Perry and Kit Lee. Here are some pictures of what they made. Neither Ann or Kit had used Silver Clay before and both produced some nice pieces!

Ann-Marie's pendant

Kit's pendant & earrings

Made from a silicon mould

I demonstrated how to make jewellery using cutting tools and stencils, then moving on to making silicon moulds, replicating buttons etc.  We also looked at finishing with Liver of Sulphur to add colour and depth to the piece.

If you would like to experience working with Silver Clay please see our courses page for details. We have one day courses and 3 day courses available.