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Select your voucher amount below:-


What will they make and bring home?

One of the following on a one day course or several items on a 6 wk course:-

A ring
A bangle
A pendant
A pair of ear rings

978 IMG_4947 158   20120214 Wire Heart Ear rings with Swarovski Crystals






Learn a new skill

Silver_01_119 photo 3 photo 2 Silver_01_072






What they will learn:-

How to saw
How to file and emery
How to drill
How to apply texture
How to polish
How to solder
Basic wirework techniques

Meeting place to meet new friends

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More examples of students work:

2013-11-07 09.29.12 HDR 128 2013-11-11 14.21.21 HDR IMG_5260

Vouchers Available:

One Day Silver Smith Course £35.00 including materials

One Day Wire work course £26.95 including materials

One Day Silver Clay course £49.00 including materials

6wk evening Course £75.00 including a starter kit worth £5

Dates and times: Course lengths vary and all details can be found on our courses pages

To purchase a voucher please select the amount you want to spend at the top of the page, we will post the voucher to you or email if you prefer, with full instructions for your mum, partner or friend on how to book a course.


For further information: please email or call Delia and Janet on 01524 382897

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